Ricardo Ruano

broadcast • web • print


Inspiration, motivation and execution. It all started with a paper and a pencil, but I decided to write what my heart felt and what my mind interpreted. When reading it aloud a rhythm propagated in each word, I thought it was a poem.


This passion led me to study Video Production and fall in love with how a technical aspect of audio, lights, cameras and talent that clings faithfully to a script can become a symphony of images that transmit and recreate feelings.


Time, experience and the deep need to learn led me to explore worlds where colors, pixels, fonts, spaces, textures, movements and repetitions have no limits.


The design became the new poetry where creating an image or an animation would have no limits. Created in the infinite space of an idea and see them reflected in a television, a website, social network, flyer, shirt, billboard, presentation card with the power to impact thousands of people.